January 4, 2013


Looking forward to the New Year, I've made a few traditional resolutions that I'm aiming for this year.

  1. TRAVEL: I will finally be graduating from college in December and will hopefully be starting a full time job right after so I want to try and check some places off my list! New Orleans, Atlanta, The Cape, Pigeon Forge, Nashville, and California are on the top of my list right now!
  2. Raise my GPA: I would love to finish my last year of college on a high note.
  3. Car: Get. A. New. Car. That's all that needs to be said for this one!
  4. Find an internship: I've always been determined to find my last, full time internship outside the state of NC to get a broader area of connections, insight to different regions, and it'd be very exciting to live somewhere different for a whole summer.
  5. Lose 10-15 pounds: Everyone always has the weight lose resolution and I'm continuing mine. I'm proud to share that I've already lost 12 pounds since July and another 10-15 would take me to my goal weight!
  6. Read more: My goal for this resolution is to read at least one book a month. I've got a great list that I'm really looking forward to. 

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