June 22, 2012

Tom & Mesha's Day

On June 16th, 2012, Tom and Mesha tied the knot at Castle McCulloch in Jamestown, North Carolina. The wedding was beautiful and full of family. Black, white, cream, and shades of purple and pink added to the classical scheme of the night. The couple had their children add in the uniting of two families by having a sand ceremony that combined all of their sands. 

June 13, 2012

Wedding Tip #4


I bought this large book a few months back to educate myself on guidelines to follow when presented with different obstacles. Since starting my internship, I've realized I don't know all the small details about weddings... but luckily there is a large section in Emily Post's Etiquette book on weddings. This book is definitely becoming a manual for me! 

Taylor & Jake Groce

The start of my days that involve planning, always begin with a run to Starbuck's!

 The beautiful bride and groom, Taylor and Jake, had an amazing wedding in Gibsonville, NC at the United Methodist Church and the Diamond Room, downtown.