July 23, 2010

Blog Finds

The wallpaper mixed with the sheen and color of the pillows and cushions is quite appealing!!

Painted furniture is a popular trend I'm finding on blogs right now. I'm going to be taking on my own project of painting my night stand pink for my new apartment bedroom that will be mainly white, with a light grey accent wall, and then accent pieces of light pink.

Mix & Match patterns, fabrics and colors in this large living room area is something I'd love to do in my new apartment living room with my two sorority sisters.

July 20, 2010

Cupcake Birthday

Tomorrow the 21st is another interns BIG 2-1 birthday, Sara!!!! So today I brought in cute cupcakes from Harris Teeter. An inside bit is that August 20th, the Preservation Society is holding a Cupcake Festival, judging "luscious" cupcakes (sponsored by Carolina Woman). Therefore, its been an ongoing thing at the house that we are all in sugar mode.

I couldn't bring myself to eat the whole fishy guy, he reminded me of Nemo! And another one of the cupcakes used to have four turtles, now reduced to two and one with only one eye... poor guy!

July 14, 2010


I was lucky enough to find an internship at the Preservation Society of Chapel Hill this summer. Just browsing through current internships in my program, UNC-Greensboro Interior Architecture, emailed Ernest Dollar and he said he had a project starting if I was interested and I got right in to researching the Cameron-McCauley Historic District of Chapel Hill. Woo hoo

*image provided from the Preservation website

July 7, 2010

Just paper...

Toots & Magoo is a cute boutique located on Franklin St. in Chapel Hill, NC. This dress is made of tan tissue paper base and white textured top. A blue scarf is in place of a belt for a pop of color. It is so beautiful!

Helping Daddy

My dad restores antique furniture, so I've always been able to be involved with the projects and this picture below is a marble slab from the top of an 1875 sideboard to store silverware, with birds eye maple interior and european walnut exterior that he had to put back together and fill in. I got involved by painting in the blank spots to mimic the marble pattern.