August 27, 2012

England Packing

My boyfriend has left for Manchester, England... Extremely sad but this semester is already proving to be a hard one and I'm on-the-go all the time. Even though he is almost 4,000 miles away, I'm so proud of him and can't wait to hear about everything he gets into! Another up side to him being "across the pond", I get to visit!!!!!! Plane flight from Greensboro, NC to Manchester booked for October 10th to the 16th! I can't even describe how excited we BOTH are for this visit. With that being said, what do I wear during this fabulous trip?!?!

My Ideas:
Quilted jacket, denim, and flats.

Blouses, jeggings, and accent necklace.

Blazer, full scarf, denim, and flats.

Ready to wear my navy, quilted J. Crew vest with brown Kenneth Cole boots.

White denim?

Need to invest in a solid, classic, long sleeve dress, nude pumps and over sided clutch.

Pop of color with a scarf and chain detail bag.

All-around adorable outfit!