April 28, 2010

"Precious Moments"

I chose Stella McCartney as my client. An English fashion designer for women everywhere. Her summer and spring 2010 collections inspired my color pallete for the studio space, neutrals of white and nude with the pops of orange, pink and blue.

Assigned to measure and explore the existing loading dock on the bottom floor of the Gatewood building, we were to find a client and design a studio space within the area yet could be versitile to other artists, photographers, designers, and architects.

Foust Display Board

My beautiful group! Drawing, sketching, painting, and photography that stinking Foust building!!! I'm sure that after one of the first assignments of drawing the Foust building, we were done looking at the exterior, but now we had to do the interior as well.

Gateway Final

Hands-on product! This is a visual of only one half of the structure but allows the display of the details in the paneling and wooden frame.

Model of the structure within the outdoor space, the back side of Gatewood.

^ Sketch Up model by: Corry Mears!

April 22, 2010

The Hills!

I don't watch many television shows religiously but when The Hills: final season and The City airs April 27th at 10pm and 10:30pm on MTV, I'll be back to my old ways of catching up on the drama of their lives.

P.S. I love LC and miss her tremendously!


I would DIE for a closet like the blue-filled beauty to the left and as for the pink cap and nails, I just thought that helped show not only my love for pink but the eyes I'm keeping on those clothes.

I love to go through my old or new Cosmopolitians and Glamour magazines and tear out anything that appeals to me! Color is a major factor to me, as well as fashionable photos, hence my choosing of these particular photos!

Scavenger Hunt 1

The fountain located outside the EUC is full of surprises and the amphitheatre seating allows an audience for those few students that like to show of their dance skills on a nice day. I've experienced this first hand!

"Art and coffee are one in the same". One of my friend's mom asked her why her bank account was overdrawn and the last 10 things she had used her card on were either Addam's or Coffeeology, we thought that statement said a lot about our major.

Monticello/Falling Water Trip

While at Monticello, I only did one incomplete sketch due to the amazing and colorful surroundings that made me want to wander around the entire plantation. Hopefully this sketch still gives you an idea of the structure we saw.

This was my first field trip of college! The bus ride wasnt the most fun part but I enjoyed laughing with my traveling partner, Natalie! Although I didn't do much sketching at Falling Water, I did get to sketch Matt while on the ride there. I don't know if Matt knows this but majority of first year girls are ga-ga over him!!!