October 15, 2009


With the "Unity" project we were to focus on the coming together of the 12 bamboo skewers and the 12 planes of white Bristol board. In my initial design I had the four proturding skewers and planes pointing downwards but after critique, I turned them upwards because, along with my inspiration of a campfire, flames explore upwards. With the addition of the red string binding the skewers in the center together, I developed a vocal point of the intersecting lines.

The bottom picture is of my box, before adding straws and this original cube stayed the same throughout the project except for the way the planes intersected by creating slits half way onto the ends of the planes and sliding them together. The two pictures on the top are the end product with the straws. The "X" on top cordinates with an etched out "X" underneath the cube on the 12" x 12" base.