March 3, 2010


Levels of Circulation Diagram

Inspiration Sketches

Our assignment was to research tons of different artists and different styles. After picking an artist and style, we immitate their strokes and colors using our own building as the subject.

Gateway... to History

Going into this group project, we are given a specific time period (my groups being 13th century-Gothic) and individually we came up with ideas of a large "gateway" that'd represent our time period. I focused more on the pointed arches and vaulted ceilings. After collaborating with the group, we decided on a simpler design of a pointed arch.

Window Treatment

Quick Sketching

Morning exercises are sometimes a struggle but I enjoyed this exercise of having students "model" and focusing on the angles of their shoulders and hips and recording that in thirty seconds!

Create A Ritual

Researching rituals across the world and individually, I focused on the universal sign of acceptance and respect : a handshake. I started out with the idea of a wooden beam that resembled a peace pole with slots for a glove to be placed in. After finding a beautiful piece of walnut that my father provided, I decided to etch out a place for the glove to be placed on the wood.