October 31, 2012

Lighter Hair

Previously, I had posted about trying out the ombre hair effect in my September post. I went more for the highlights in the photo with Jessica Alba and look forward to them growing out to ombre through the winter!

October 30, 2012

A Taste of England

The view from our hotel in Bath, England

The Roman Baths

 Conor and I being tourists

Our night out with friends in Altrinchum, England at High Society

While shopping in Manchester, we came across the FA Cup.

Goofing off at Urban Outfitters.

Last dinner together in Manchester at Jamie's Italian.

Such a great trip!!

Above are a few pictures from my five day trip to England to visit my boyfriend. It was my first time in Europe and I can't wait until I go again. He didn't tell me what our plans were until the day I got there so I would be surprised! I arrived in the morning on Thursday and that evening we got on a train and went to Bath, England to explore together. We toured the Roman Baths, Bath Abbey, the Fashion Museum (his idea!), local shops, and he was able to show me where he played in a lacrosse tournament. Saturday, I finally got to see Conor play in a game since he had graduated and then we had a couple beers at the club's bar, which is very popular to have at sports clubs. Later that evening we got dressed up and went out on the town! Pre-gamed at a place called The Spoon, where we played drinking games and even got in trouble for singing! Then bounced over to High Society bar, where we sang a little Backstreet Boys and drank "Zombies". Sunday morning we nursed our hangovers and did a little baking (an activity we really enjoy doing together). On Monday, Conor and I made our way into Manchester's city center on the tram. We had lunch at a sushi place inside Arndale Mall and then did some damage at the stores before a lovely dinner at Jamie's Italian! Leaving on Tuesday morning was not fun... Now I'm just looking forward to the spring when we will be able to see each other again!

October 2, 2012

Dreaming BIG

This saying has become one that I think of quite often. I have a printed image of it framed on my desk. For the past couple months I've been actively emailing, calling, and even having a few phone interviews with wedding planners about a full-time internship next summer.
As required for my major, I have to complete 480 hours (SOO MANY!) next summer. I never got to study abroad so I have always told myself that I would spend my internship outside the state of North Carolina... and, well, that's what I'm doing!! I've emailed 16 (my lucky number!) different wedding planners in the cities of Chicago, NYC, London, Paris, the Hamptons, the Cape and even one in Monterey, California (where I was born!). I believe that internships are the most effective way to build your resume, network, and gain hands-on experience you can't learn in college. I want as many internships as I can get my hands on! Luckily, I heard back from half of the companies I reached out to. Only a couple were immediate "no"s and the others were optimistic about talking further with me or wanting me to contact them again early next year when they were ready to look for an intern.
I have high hopes for my summer in 2013. Hopefully I'll have some more definite updates soon!

"The Pink Ladies"

Boulder Days is a week-long competition, mainly between sororities, that takes place every year in support of the American Red Cross and put on by the brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha. Unfortunately, Phi Mu is still unable to participate on campus so a broader group was created for us by the Lambda Chi brothers called "The Pink Ladies". The group consisted of Phi Mu - Gamma Chi sisters and our friends It was a fun week of penny wars, watermelon eating, watermelon "tug-of-war", banner painting, lip syncing and even a friendly brother auction! 

AND WE WON FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!! A large part in thanks goes to our alumni that made online offers in the penny war and our fabulous sisters that placed their winning bids on quite a few Lambda Chi brothers! Great job ladies! 

My First 5k

I DID MY FIRST 5K!! On September 22, 2012, I completed my very first 5k race in downtown Greensboro. It was the 3rd race of the "Race The Bar" series. I'm proud to announce that I finished in 29:56, fourth in my age group and ninetieth overall. Not bad for my first one!

Coordinated Wedding & Events

After having an amazing internship with Coordinated Wedding and Events, I've been blessed with the opportunity to continue working with Summer and Susan Marie. My entire summer was full of wonderful memories, incredible experiences, and meeting new people. I could not have imagined a better practicum and I'm so happy to have gained new, lifelong friendships from it.