November 18, 2009

{Phase 2} Continued

Model #1

Adding Bond Paper

Glued together 2 sheets of seafoam plastic
board, straws, bond paper, & black mounting board

Folded down edges & adding trim

WITH THE LIGHTS OFF!!! (using a blacklight)

November 11, 2009

Luminscence {Phase 2}

Main inspiration:

My ideas involve using Bristol board (creating a three sided box) and within having the bulb reflecting light within the box as well as reflecting onto an inner layer of pastel plastics of color with clear straws in front of the colors.

Added inspiration:
While working on my project I began to envision the haze of the straws and bond paper to be a view of a waterfall from behind the cascade of water so that the light is reflecting brightly against natural objects beyond the waterfall.

November 5, 2009

First Experience With Floorplans!!

Our first assignment with creating a floor plan is creating a Lake House for a couple with one child. The house consists of two bedrooms, two baths, a great room, kitchen/dining room, concrete patio, and screened in porch. After mimicking the basic layout, we were giving the challenge to introduce furnishings into the house.

Dialog Project

3D Models

After drawing numerous zoomed views of a chosen stick and personal cell phone, we were to create four 3D models of the most enhanced drawings we drew. One resembling the curves and arch from the stick and one showing passage and contrast with the teardrop-shaped models; the last two were created from the cell phone, one of my models was created to look like a maze and the last emphasises the particle curves from the "LG" symbol on my cell phone.

Luminescence {Phase 1}

During my research I found many different inspiring photos. In these three pictures of lighting involving building(s), the use of color is used which I really enjoy along with the presence of an outside object, causing shadows and shapes from the inside lighting.

Along with the examples of lighting against buildings, I like the idea of embracing a design, pattern, space around the bulb. The spacing between the material would enhace any shadows given off by the light as well as, tone the brightness of the light down.