April 1, 2011


"Love is patient, Love is kind. Love never fails."
One of my favorite quotes that I intend to add to my tattoo collection one day! Love has always been a huge part of my life and my first tattoo is an anchor with a rope with a heart below the anchor symbolizing how love of family, friends, and that significant other has been the driving force behind my sanity and drive in life! Currently, I'm in an amazing relationship that comes no where close to anything I've had in my past. He's smart, caring, sweet, "tender", grounded, and incredible loving. I can't believe I met this amazing guy that was raised in the city of St. Louis, while I was raised in good 'ole Hillsborough, NC and our lives managed to bring us together in Greensboro, NC.

I thank God everyday for bringing him into my life. I don't see how we could end

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