December 3, 2010

Reading Comp #7

As part of the Red Sea group, we were given the specific section of "town & country" to focus our assignment on. The display had a wide range of mediums and criteria. Pictures of the city "burst with energy, humor and reveal the artists; devotion to classical ideals of balance, order and harmony." My eyes were drawn to the smaller sketch by Kenneth Hayes Miller called "Conversation" that he created in 1932. The image was an etching that had no color. Another copy of the image was placed right below the other, identical yet drawn with ink and pencil. After drawing a short, small sketch of the scene, I stepped back and realized the large canvas painting of the image hanging right beside the two smaller thumbnails. This painting was made of a combination of watercolor and gum arabic emulsion on sheet rock (I couldn't image carrying that!).
I love the old fashion that women wore during this time, from the furs and pearls to the colorful hats and gloves. The style was all together classy. The largest painting became my favorite, after already loving the thumbnails, because of the contrast the colors created. The green umbrella. Pink hat. Blue hat. Warm, tan fur.
When I think of how I would diagram this painting using the principles and elements of design, I remember how I first viewed the painting as an etching, with no color. The main outlines that I sketched were the umbrella, hats and fabulous foxtail draped around ones neck.

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