December 10, 2010

Point: Explorations

In our final unit of the semester, everything came together and worked together. "Looking forward or backward?" was one of the first questions Patrick presented for this unit. Even as with a "new" design era breaking through every decade or so, the basis of all new designs can be traced back to prior eras. Similarities are found between all styles.However, with the newest Modern era breaking through, the designers are trying to throw away any prior design styles that may be tied with the past. They may search for inspiration but their designs and techniques are completely a new turn on the entire design field.
Throughout this semester the most influential era for me was the Renaissance era. No building was one style (like Gothic, Rococo, etc.), wonderful harmony through repetition, and the invention of new tradition to meet the classical past. Beautiful structures like the Villa Capra follow the rules and boundaries of the Renaissance and this villa alone, was the most influential building. Constructed of simply combining squares and circles, allowing each side to view the outdoors and the dome atop connects the overall idea of "man is the measure of all things."

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