May 6, 2010

The way I work!

Our final, on going project for the semester was based on the process that we go about working through to a solution. I am always writing multiple notes and writing little notes down on sticky notes. Also "what sparks me" is COLOR, whether its in the color palette of a room, fabrics, acessories, or flooring.
I'm moving back home from my first apartment for the summer. I'll be moving into my sororities dorms next semester so I'll be needing to leave a lot of things at home. I have a queen sized bed, vanity, mantle, desk, and window seat as my main pieces. I thought of a palette of seafoam, coral and neutral of grey or pink, orange, and neutral of tan. The way I plan on using these colors, I'd like to create an atmosphere that can be used as a comfortable, inspiring spare bedroom once I leave.

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