January 27, 2010

What is special to me?

Our first homework back in drawing class was to chose five objects that make us think of a special time, bring back a significant moment, or an object that meant a lot to us. I chose my mom's gold hair clip that I recently found in her drawer and wore it to a Christmas party and before I left the house she told me that she had worn it to a Christmas party when she was pregnant with me, which created a feeling of further connecting with my mom. A starfish, which I also have a tattoo of on my left hip, for my cousin who passed away in March 2009 while home from the Marines. A gold ring my great-grandmther gave me that I've worn everyday, twenty-four/seven for over ten years. My graduation cap because, other then my older brother, I'm the only one to graduate from high school in my family. And finally my prom corsage that symbolizes my favorite times in high school of getting dolled up with my bests friends and high school sweetheart and dancing our night way!

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