July 16, 2012

Golden Retrievers

My obsession with golden retrievers started young! I was fortunate enough to experience the birth of a few litters of puppies because my parents bred retrievers at our home. Elsa and Stormy were the first couple that had puppies at our last home and we kept a little girl from Elsa's second litter named Mandy. My family in Illinois began breeding their goldens after seeing the pleasure we endured from caring for our puppies. From my aunt, we got our sweet and "special"Maximus. I say special because he is not the brightest but he sure is beautiful! Mandy and Max became a couple and had two litters before we "closed up shop" and stopped breeding. While we still have Mandy and Max in our lives, I look forward to the day that I have my own yard to run around in with my own adorable golden retriever!

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