November 12, 2010

Summary of Alternatives & Reflections

In reading and comparing Kacie, Anna and Daniel's responses to the Alternative section they all appeal to the unit breaking the rules of design. Although Kacie focused on how Baroque and Renaissance mashed together in being similar yet bending the rules further than the style before, Anna continued on the importance of cathedrals and the basis of having basic shapes to design structures. Daniel describes how the meshing of every design era together was the main goal of many architects and designers, basically a "collage".

Natalie, Julie, and Caitlyn's responses to the point summary on our reflections unit, all brought up connections that I felt were significant and enjoyable to read. Natalie pulls examples of artifacts changing due to women's fashion or the experience people entail while going to an opera house, both of these seem more aesthetic to me. While Julie expresses the reflection unit to be larger in change of material with iron and glass that speak different design languages and how the effect of constructions change eras from victorian clutter to more simplistic design. Caitlyn focuses on the change in design periods yet how they all tie into structures that also use the new materials introduced in structures like the Crystal Palace.

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